So apparently, these two people sat around at a GT in Lahore and badgered a third about how they’re always talking about a writers’ circle.

Meanwhile, these two other people sat around at a different GT in Lahore and lamented how, once upon a time, they tried to get together with other writers in Islamabad and do something and then it became a book club.

And then a mysterious wind blew from the north. And blaspheme was possessed by a tiny organizational demon with a teacup, he sent out emails, everyone suddenly got on board, we met at nabiha’s and here we bloody well are.

(kyla says: If anyone jinxes this, their ass is the proverbial grass before they know what mowed it down. /random threat)

The Ramblers’ Guild is in Lahore. It has 7 members so far. The members are young and snooty and may or may not let you in. They don’t have apologies on this score. But they are also awfully polite so if you knock, they’ll only hide behind the sofa in a juvenile fashion.

Anything further that needs to be said will wait for Guild consensus.

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